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The second book in the Murder for Your Thoughts Series is out now!

Elementary schoolteacher Maddie Conor spends her summer vacation walking dogs, avoiding a toxic ex-boyfriend, and listening to her favorite podcast Murder For Your Thoughts. It’s shaping up to be another long, hot Chicago summer—until a few of her wealthier clients are robbed. She should be worried about what’s going on, but it’s hard to pay attention when the hot, young lawyer in the building catches her eye.
The moment Jack Delgado runs into Maddie in the elevator, he knows he’s a goner. As they grow closer, the robberies ramp up. After Maddie is framed for a hit that happens right next door to Jack’s place, the two team up to find the real culprits. Clearing Maddie’s name might be their prime objective, but neither will mind if they find love along the way.

Available anywhere you buy books!

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